Meet Nature Dads Brian & Jared

Nature Dads Brian and Jared, outside smiling together near a prairie in the winter

About Brian & Jared

When the pandemic hit, Brian Mayer, a business banker, was stuck in his home office. Wanting a reason for his boys to come in there, he started a variety of nature projects at his desk (such as vermicomposting). Now, he’s seen the real benefits of nature connection for his family and wants to share that with as many corporate professionals as possible!

Jared Goodykoontz is a school naturalist in Central Ohio, doing weekly nature-connection classes of his own design for hundreds of kiddos! He loves exploring and connecting with creation with his two daughters on their 6 acres of land. He’s been restoring it for several years now with native plants… he, his family, and all the animal brothers and sisters love it! He wants as many people as possible to experience this magic themselves!

Connecting on instagram thanks to a post about Jared’s Native Plant Party card game, the two hit it off immediately (Did we just become best friends?!) and are now excited and determined to help as many people as possible connect with nature and their families for the betterment of all!

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